Normative Values of Bone Mineral Content and Bone Mineral Density Assessed by Double X-ray Absorptiometry in Congolese Urban Women

Joseph Médard Kabeya Kabenkama, Rahma Tozin, Jean Jacques Malemba, Jean-Marie Mbuyi Muamba


Introduction: The World Health Organization (WHO) have validated dual X-ray absorptiometry as the “gold standard” densitometric technique for assessing Bone Mineral Density (BMD) and Bone Mineral Content (BMC).

The definitions of osteopenia and osteoporosis are based on its results Loss of bone mass with ageing or osteoprosis leads to decline of bone strength and fragility fractures. There are racial/ethnic differences in bone mass parameters for populations of different ethnic origins although living in the same environmental. WHO criteria for the diagnosis of osteoporosis and the associated risks of fractures are based on bone parameters assessed by dual x absorptiometry in postmenopausal Caucasian women. Studies have shown the necessity to establish reference data for bone mass measurements for each population according to habit and ethnicity.

These data are lacking for Congolese populations.

This study aims to establish spine and hip normative values in healthy Congolese women population and to compare them with those for Caucasian, Asian, and others ethnical groups.

Materials and methods: 604 bantus women aged from 18 to 92 years were recruited after public media advertising and undergoes DXA of spine and hip. To be included in the study, women must fulfill the conditions of absence of factor affecting bone metabolism.

Results: Bone mass parameters shows a growth up to the peak that is reached in the fourth decade followed by a slow decay that causes a loss of nearly 14.2% in BMD and BMC over a period of 20 years and, then a decrease more pronounced towards the sixtieth year (1.5% yearly), higher than among Caucasians Asians and Arabs. We found that the references curves for the lumbar spine and total hip are significantly differences from the Caucasian, Asean or Arab.

Conclusion: Spine and hip normatives values of BMD and BMC of Congolese urban women was etablished and were different to those of compared populations.

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