Application Market of Industrial Robot in China

Liu Tao


Robotics is a programmable mechanical system with a certain autonomy that can exercise in its environment and complete some prescribed tasks. Although industrial robots are robots, they mainly provide duplicate, large quantities, and standard services. Therefore, they also have a certain standardized requirements for the materials and semi -finished products. In addition, because industrial robots are not intelligent enough, the processing of fuzzy range can only be operated according to procedures. For example, when the screen has a small bump, the robot may judge that it cannot be operated, but if it is artificially determined, it can continue to be processed and sold. Even if the development of machine vision can solve these problems to a certain extent, non -standardized operations will reduce efficiency accordingly. Industrial robots can not only achieve simple processes such as handling, but also technically some complex processes can be achieved. However, for the consideration of cost and benefits, most industrial robot manufacturers will not choose to produce such products. Because such demand is not large enough, and the profit margin is not considerable enough.

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