Design of Intelligent Storage Management System for Crops in Southern Xinjiang Based on Industrial Internet of Things

Zhang Bin, Lin Xiaodan, Jiao Renlei


Aiming at the arid climate and backward crop storage and preservation technology in southern Xinjiang, an intelligent storage management system for crops in southern Xinjiang based on industrial Internet of Things is designed to realize the intelligent storage management of crops in southern Xinjiang and improve its storage and preservation efficiency. The system takes the lower computer PLC as the control core, collects real-time data on the environmental factors affecting crop storage, and the collected information is processed by PLC and transmitted to the touch screen and cloud platform through Ethernet and mobile Internet for centralized supervision. The system gives full play to the advantages of the IoT cloud platform and realizes real-time remote control of crop storage and management by managers through mobile APP, which is convenient, stable and reliable, and intuitive.

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