The Relationship between Resilience and Mental Health: the Mediating Effect of Positive Emotions

Zhun Gong, Lichao Yu, Jonathan W Schooler


To investigate the relationship of resilience, positive emotions and mental health, and the relationship of resilience, positive emotion and three sub-dimensions of mental health: self-affirmation, depression and anxiety. In this study, the existing cross-sectional data, select the Beijing Forestry University data as samples. In this study, questionnaire survey a random sample of 199 undergraduate students of Beijing Forestry University, they uniform application three Scale Surveying, PANAS, CD-RISC, GHQ-20. According from the study, (1) resilience, positive mood and general health are related where resilience and positive emotions between the resilience. General psychological health, positive emotions and general mental health?it is positively correlated. (2) Resilience and self-affirmation exists, positive correlation with depression and anxiety, respectively negative correlation. Between positive emotions and self-affirmation the positive correlation with anxiety negative correlation. (3) Part mediating effect of positive emotions exist between resilience and self-affirmation, resilience can be made to self-affirmation prediction coefficient from 0.042 down to 0.036. Therefore, this study concluded that resilience undergraduates can have an impact on mental health through the intermediary variable positive emotions.

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