Discussion on the Problems of Bohr’s Hydrogen Atom Theory in Basic Theory

Yuan Lixin


According to the charge momentum and charge kinetic energy, it is proved that the key problem of the basic theory of Bohr hydrogen atom is that equation  does not hold. For the same electron of the hydrogen atom, the left side of the equation is the mechanical kinetic energy, the right side of the equation is the charge energy, the fundamental properties and the concept of energy are split. Based on experiments, this paper analyzes and calculates the combined energy of hydrogen, lithium and oxygen atoms, hydrogen atom radius  and the ground state energy of hydrogen atom  are obtained. This ground state energy  is basically consistent with the Balmer system of hydrogen atomic spectrum ; Electron around the nuclear velocity . hydrogen atom radius is calculated by using energy , which verifies the correctness of charge momentum and charge kinetic energy and their experimental basis. The ground state energy atom  and radius of Bohr hydrogen is derived under the condition that the basic theory has problems and the theoretical formula is set to , which has no experimental basis. The fundamental problem of quantum mechanics is that the theoretical formula of photoelectric effect is not correct, which is demonstrated in this paper. The relationship between the structure of hydrogen atom and the evolution of the universe is also discussed.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22158/asir.v7n2p18


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