Design of Smart Agricultural Monitoring and Management System

Zhang Bin, Lin Xiaodan, Jiao Renlei


One of the important contents of China’s agricultural construction is vegetable planting, and most of the vegetable planting technology is relatively backward. The commonly used greenhouse planting technology is simply using special mechanical planting management methods, which cannot realize real-time monitoring of crop growth. In order to optimize the crop growth environment and improve the yield, a smart agricultural monitoring and management system based on PLC and MCGS configuration technology is designed. The system combines PLC technology, configuration technology and sensor technology to complete the overall structure design of the control system, and separately explains the hardware design, software design and operation and debugging of the system. The experimental results show that the system can remotely monitor and control the growing environment of crops, such as soil moisture, gas temperature and humidity, light intensity and other parameters, and the operation and maintenance are convenient, which provides a reference method for the intelligent development of agriculture.

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