The Gravity and Photons

Markos Georgallides


One of the most important concept in geometry is, distance, which is the Quanta in geometry, while in Material-Geometry the composition of opposites, the Material-point which is the Quanta in Chemistry and Physics. As in Algebra Zero, 0, is the Master-key number for all Positive and Negative numbers and this because their sum and multiplication becomes zero, and the same on any coordinate-system where ± axes pass from zero, Exists also Apriori in Geometry the Material-Point in where the Rolling of Positive ?, constituent on the Negative ?, constituent, creates the Neutral Material point which Equilibrium. Angular momentum is identical with Spin and consists the First-Discrete-Energy-monad which occupies, Discrete Value and Direction, in contradiction to the point which is nothing, Dimensionless and without any Direction.

From the definition, Work = motion = Force x Displacement = Energy, results the where this Energy as, Momentum Vector ? Spin ? Energy is stored, and it is the, r cave.

It was proved that, the r cave ? The Particle, IS, Outward a Stationary Box, Inward a Stationary Wave with infinite frequencies ... ? and with Energy, The Wave, E = h.  = (n?/8r²).  [70]. In all above issue the Kepler-laws, denoting that both Macrocosm and Microcosm Obey the Newton’s Laws of motion in all Scales.

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