Negative Refractive Index in Nanoparticles Layer at the Visible

Hanan Ali, Guoping Zhang


Metamaterial structure based on epoxy resin nanoparticles positioned on mica glass substrate is proposed in order to produce negative refractive index. Complex reflection and transmission coefficients (S-parameters) are computed using CST MWS, based on finite integration technique (FIT) which is equivalent to FDTD when applied to Cartesian grids in the time domain. Effective refractive index, effective permittivity and effective permeability were extracted from the simulated S-parameters by using CST MWS extraction method which is done by using template pots-processing features. The real part of the refractive index is found to be negative at wavelengths where both real parts of the permittivity and permeability are negatives without using split ring resonators and thin wires.

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