The Relationship of Modern Medicine to the Book of Laws (The Pentateuch)

Soboyejo, Josephine Olatomi, Ph.D.


Theologians for centuries thought that many laws in the Pentateuch served a ceremonial function or aimed to distinguish Israel from the neighboring pagan cultures. In today’s world, there are many infectious and epidemic transmission of a variant of diseases that are killing human beings. This paper examines the escalation of the germ theory in the modern and postmodern world to prove that obedience to God’s rules confers essential health benefits. The paper used phenomenology, ethical, and evidential tools of philosophy, and theological approach in understanding how modern medicine relates to scriptural laws. The paper ascertains that the scriptural commandments as used by the priests confer medical benefits to the people if the modern culture is inclined to obey them. Some of the diseases in conceptualization are cancer, blood clotting, germs; parasites induced diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, and addiction, among others. The paper agrees that total obedience to Mosaic laws and complete trust in Biblical injunctions provide spiritual and physical fitness.

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