Innovation Teaching in Engineering Program at Nashoba Valley Technical High School

J. Scheminger, S. Mil’shtein


Global consumer electronic device market status and future forecast of growth in 2019-2025 is presented in complete Reuters review ( With added commercial electronic products the market will exceed $152 Billions by 2022. The dynamics of electronic industry is incomparable market of chemical products, steel and even automotive. Even more impressive is the dynamics of solar panels manufacturing and installation. Last year solar cells produced about 1% of annual US electricity production. However in 2020 it will be already 2% of electricity produced in US. Availability of educated manpower of all levels from production line operators to technicians testing and installing the hardware and design engineers is the most important factor in existing trends of electronic industry. Only well-educated and inventive technical personnel could participate in design and fabrication of electronic products, which basically are modified or changed every two years. Our study summarizes joint work of University of Massachusetts and Nashoba Valley Technical School in developing innovative skills in high school students, who specialize in electrical engineering.

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