Enlightenment and Reflection on the Integration of the Red Boat Spirit into the Teaching of The Outline of Modern Chinese History

Qiu Chenxi


The Red Boat spirit is the source of the Chinese revolutionary spirit and the source of the advancement of the CCP (Note 1). Its connotation reflects the CCP’s spirit of party building, the cultural label that indicates the initial heart and mission of CCP, and represents the core value requirement of our party. The spirit of the Red Boat has a deep connection with the teaching content of The Outline of Chinese Modern History. Teachers should enrich the teaching forms and encourage students to be thoughtful. In this way, college students can truly feel the role of the Red Boat spirit in promoting the development of modern Chinese history and understand the relationship between the Red Boat spirit and their own growth, which is of positive significance for the cultivation of contemporary college students’ historical views, the shaping of political views and the promotion of Red Boat spirit in the new era.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22158/asir.v3n4p245


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