The “Naked Electron”

Robert A. Sizov


The true sources of magnetic field, i.e., real magnetic poles (magnetic charges), turned out to be unrecognized in physical science due to the special conditions of their confinement in atoms and substance which are cardinally different from the confinement of electrons. In addition, Maxwell’s vicious electromagnetic concept in which electrons moving in atoms and substance were declared as direct sources of the magnetic field played a very negative role in story with confession of real magnetic charges. This concept was the result of the superficial and exceptionally erroneous impression of the Great Physicist from the Oersted’s famous experience. However, the world scientific community accepted this erroneous impression as the ultimate truth. Herewith true magnetic poles which are the real structural components of atoms and substances, were “buried alive”. Along with magnetic charges were ignored in physics and of such real spinor particles as true antielectrons, which were replaced by electron vacancies or Dirac holes. It is important to note that the above-recognized unacknowledged, spinor particles, together with electrons, constitute the electromagnetic atomic shells. The world electromagnetic theory, while ignoring the three fundamental particles, was forced to rely solely on the electron, which in modifications of various theoretical surrogates (magnetic moments, electronic vacancies and others) was forced to answer both for itself and for three unrecognized fundamental particles, that is, for two magnetic charges (magneton and antimagneton) and a real antielectron.

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