Application of Grouting Water Plugging Technology in Enriched Water Mountain Tunnel

Dong Tianxiong, Deng Yuewen, Qi Gaoyuan


In the expressway built in Chongqing northeast region, the tunnel occupies a large proportion in the total mileage. Long mountain tunnels with large buried depth and complex geological conditions are common in this area, which are prone to water gusher disasters during construction, which seriously threaten the construction quality and affect the operation of the expressway after it is completed and opened to traffic. In this paper, Jixinling Tunnel under construction in Wuzhen Expressway is taken as an example. Combined with advanced geological forecast data and site conditions, appropriate grouting materials and reasonable and feasible construction technology are selected for the surrounding advanced curtain grouting reinforcement and water plugging treatment, which effectively controls the water gushing disaster of the tunnel and ensures the safety of the construction process. It can provide some reference for the treatment of water gushing disease in mountain tunnel under similar geological conditions.

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