Great Mistake of Great J. C. Maxwell

Robert A. Sizov


The Maxwell’s vicious electromagnetic concept which can also be defined as electric magnetism occurred as a result of superficial and, exclusively, erroneous impression of the Great Theorist on the famous Oersted Experience. The fateful concept for physical science: “electrons moving in a conductor are direct sources of a magnetic field”, was put forward by Maxwell in the absence of knowledge of real physical processes occurring in a conductor with an electric current. Paradoxical as it may see but this vicious concept, again thanks to the outward impression, has been accepted by the world physical community and dominates in physical science for almost 150 years, as an absolute truth. As the result the true sources of the magnetic field - real magnetic poles (magnetic charges) which are the structural components of atoms and substance, were “buried alive”. It is Maxwell’s vicious electric magnetism that suppressed the interest of scientists in the search for and detection of real magnetic charges in atoms and substance and pushed of the physical theory into the “swamp” of relativism. The author’s experimental and theoretical studies have shown that a main reason for ignoring magnetic charges and, and therefore, the emergence of a vicious concept of electric magnetism, is the radically different physics of the confinement of electrons and magnetic charges in the structures of Physical mass (in atoms, nucleons, substance and others).

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