An Investigation and Analysis of Student Participation in the Internal Governance of Chinese Universities

Yin Zhang, Xuan Gao


College students are an indispensable and important subject in the internal governance of universities. In order to understand the basic situation of student participation in current university governance, this study selected 158 students from more than 10 different types of universities in eastern, central, and western China as questionnaire survey subjects. The results show that college students in the new era have actively paid attention to and participated in the internal governance of universities, but there are problems such as students not understanding whether the university has set up a system for student participation in university internal governance, and the standardization, rationality, comprehensiveness, and effectiveness of rules and regulations are lacking; students are not highly satisfied with the comprehensiveness and effectiveness of participation content, and the participation content has not been highly advanced with the times; participation channels have not yet fully met student needs, and urgently need to be improved in terms of convenience and effectiveness; the construction of a supervision and guarantee mechanism for student participation in university internal governance is not widespread enough, and corresponding measures or mechanisms are not comprehensive enough. To this end, it should be improved from four aspects: strengthening the construction of rules and regulations system, optimizing participation content, improving participation channels, and strengthening supervision and guarantee.

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