A Quantum Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm Based on Aggregation Perturbation

H. D. Wang, C. N. Zhang, H. Zhang, Y. C. Wei, X. L. Guan


A quantum particle swarm hybrid optimization algorithm based on aggregation disturbance is proposed for inventory cost control. This algorithm integrates the K-means algorithm on the basis of traditional particle swarm optimization, recalculates the clustering center, initializes stagnant particles, and solves the problem of particle aggregation. Introducing chaos mechanism into the algorithm, changing the position of particles, enhancing their activity, and improving the algorithm's global optimization ability. At the same time, define the aggregation disturbance factor, determine the current state of particles, optimize speed and position to accelerate escape, and solve the problem of particles falling into local optima. Experiments show that M-IKPSO algorithm has strong stability, fast Rate of convergence and high accuracy compared with other algorithms, and the improvement effect is significant.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22158/asir.v7n4p21


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