Preparation of Kaolin Composites and Its Adsorption for Sb(Ⅲ)

Wenxiang Luo, Lu Tang, Pan Zhang, Chunyan Lang


Antimony is an important element in the production of flame retardants and semiconductor materials. In the process of antimony mining, it may cause local environmental pollution, which has adverse effects on human health, and the development of economical and efficient adsorbents to remove antimony from wastewater has become a hot research topic. In this paper, the hydrothermal synthesis method was adopted, and purified Kaolin was selected as the carrier, potassium permanganate, manganese chloride and ferric chloride are the metal sources, urea is the precipitant, and sodium dodecyl benzene sulfonate is the structure guide agent. Under the conditions of 5% mass fraction of dispersant, loading temperature of 140 ℃, reaction time of 8 h, mass ratio of iron to manganese of 1.84:1, and mass of precipitant of 0.9 g, the composites prepared were effective in adsorbing the Sb(Ⅲ) from the wastewater. The optimum adsorption efficiency of the prepared composites on Sb(Ⅲ) is 92.83%, which showed excellent adsorption performance.

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