The Effect of Video Presentation and Printed Reading Materials on Pupils’ Comprehension Skills

Janene E. Gonzales


The study on the Effect of Video Presentation and Printed Reading Materials on the Pupils’ Comprehension skills was conducted on the pupils of St. Scholastica’s Academy in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental Philippines. This study was only limited to the Four Levels of Comprehension namely: Literal, Inferential, Evaluative, and Appreciative Comprehension. Based on the results of the tests, it showed that there was an increase in scores. The pretest scores of the Experimental Group is 4.53 the Controlled Group is 4.47. The posttest score of both groups is 5.08. Results presented that the Controlled Group has a higher mean difference. The Mean and T-Test: Paired Two Sample for Means were used to interpret the data gathered. Comparing the two values, the T-test shows that the difference of 0.056 between the values is not significant wherein the p-value is equivalent to 0.862.

It was recommended that the administrators must ensure that the educators must be prepared in implementing technology inside the classroom. The teachers must check the current standing of the pupils to determine the strength and weaknesses in comprehension. The parents should let their children explore technology and books; and further studies must focus on the upper level to determine if there are changes on the different grade levels as well determine the factors that affect the student’s learning: motivation, learning style and strategies, learning environment, and classroom pedagogy.

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