STEVIA (Stevia Rebaudiana Bertoni) Extract: A Natural Alternative in Broilers Nutrition

M. F. Peralta, A. Nilson, V. N. Grosso, A. Senz, A. Soltermann, R. D. Miazzo


The aim was to evaluate Stevia (Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni) extract (SE) effects on performance productive and gut health variables in broilers from 1 to 15 days old. SE from Stevia leaves was added to broilers diet (0.5% to 1%). Seventy-five Ross male broilers (1 to 15 days old) were distributed into T1: commercial type, without SE, T2: T1 plus 0.5% SE, T3: T1 plus 1% SE. Performance productive were measured as Average Daily Weight Gain (g/broiler/day), Average Daily Consumption Feed (g/broiler/day) and Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR). At 15 days of age, all the broilers were dissected, gut removed and processed for histomorphometric study. In gut was measured VH/CD Ratio. Results: FCR was better (P ? 0.05) in T3 and T2 than T1. In gut, VH/CD ratios showed T2 < T3 < T1 (P ? 0.05). Goblet cells number and mucus layer height were increased in broilers receive SE, especially in T2 and plasmatic cells number increased in T3. Conclusion: SE (0.5% to 1%) enhanced gut histomorphometric variables, improved gut health, mainly when SE is added at 0.5% in the broiler diet from 1 to 15 days old. It was reflexed in a better FCR in both groups received this phytobiotic.

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