Environmental Sustainable Development: Study on the Value Realization Mechanism and Diversified Realization Path of Ecological Products under the Background of "Double Carbon"

Zitong Yuan, Wu Yang, Shen Chen, Wenrui Ran, Xiaogan Guo, Anxing Lu, Zhang Min


Under the background of carbon neutrality and common prosperity, the importance of carbon sinks is constantly highlighted. Realizing the value of carbon sink ecological products is not only conducive to the realization of the goal of carbon neutrality, but also an effective way to promote the endogenous development of rural areas and promote common prosperity. Broadening the value transformation channel of carbon sink ecological products and realizing the sustainable transformation from "green water and green hills" to "Jinshan and Yinshan" provide a new way to achieve the goal of carbon neutrality and common prosperity. Based on the theoretical analysis of the traditional connotation, formation mechanism and value of carbon sink ecological products, this paper summarizes the main ways and existing problems of realizing carbon sink ecological value in China, systematically analyzes the two-way promotion relationship between the double carbon target and the realization of carbon sink ecological product value, and emphasizes the important role of carbon sink ecological value realization and participation in carbon market transactions in carbon emission reduction. It also summarizes the experience of international typical cases. Finally, suggestions and reflections were put forward for redistributing the supply of ecological products based on carbon sinks, improving the basic system for calculating the value of ecological products, strengthening the government's guiding role, improving the ecological rights trading market, and innovating financial models, providing reference for optimizing the innovative mechanism and path for realizing the value of ecological products in China under the "dual carbon" goal.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22158/asir.v7n4p83


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