Research on the Current Situation and Development Trend of Computer Network Communication in the New Era

Min Duan


With the increasing social demand for information, computer network communication is also developing. The development of social economic and cultural activities in the information age cannot be separated from the support of computer network communication. In today's society, the network has penetrated into all fields of society, and the application scope of computer network communication technology has expanded significantly, providing a strong support for the development of emerging industries and social and economic progress. The development of computer network has brought great convenience to people's life. The integration of computer network technology and communication technology will meet people's needs to a greater extent. Therefore, computer network communication will be the trend of the new era, and the integration of the two is of great significance to the development of computer network. This paper analyzes the development status of computer network communication in the new period, introduces the development trend of computer network communication in the new period, and lays a good foundation for the improvement of computer network communication technology.

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