Research on Customer Relationship, Market Level and Enterprise Innovation Relationship

Xiaohan Shi


Enterprise innovation is an important content of enterprise management and a key element to determine the direction, scale and speed of the development of the company. Enterprise innovation has always been the focus of academic attention. Customer relationship is the contractual relationship established between the enterprise and the customer when purchasing and selling transactions. The research found that customer relationship can affect the innovation investment of enterprises to some extent. Based on a sample of listed companies in China's A stock manufacturing industry from 2008 to 2018, this paper empirically examines the impact of concentration of customer relationship on innovation output and its mechanism. The research found that the higher the concentration of customer relationship, the lower the innovation investment. Further research found that the level of marketization can alleviate this inhibition, with the promotion of market-oriented level, the excessive concentration of customer relations on enterprise innovation inhibition can be weakened. This research explores the factors that affect enterprise innovation from different angles, enriches the research on enterprise innovation, and provides a reference for enterprises to improve their innovation level.

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