Research on Large-scale Energy Storage of Chinese Power System Based on Demand Analysis

Yongwen Wang, Haiyang Yu, Lihong Jiang


With the construction and development of a low carbon and environmental protection society, China is promoting the construction of a clean, low carbon, safe and efficient energy supply system, the most critical of which is to promote the rapid construction of new energy installed capacity. However, with the continuous expansion of the new energy installed capacity, the random volatility of the power supply has become an important factor that puzzles the power balance of the current power system, not only formed a larger peak pressure, but also became one of the important factors restricting the development of new energy. At the same time, the new energy power electronic equipment has weak supporting characteristics, which also makes the proportion of new energy power system continues to increase, and has a high impact on security. In this context, this paper carries out a demand analysis, firstly discussing the demand for large-scale energy storage in the development of new energy for power system, and secondly analyzing the demand for large-scale energy storage in the safe operation of large power grid, so as to promote the construction of GW-level electrochemical energy storage power station and effectively deal with the power imbalance and safety problems.

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