Challenges in the Application of BIM Technology in Road and Bridge Engineering and Its Influence on the Continued Intention to Use

Hao Li


This paper aims to explore the primary challenges of applying Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology in road and bridge engineering and to analyze how these challenges affect the willingness of engineers and project managers to continuously use BIM technology. The article first outlines the current state of BIM technology application in road and bridge engineering, then delves into the technical, managerial, and cost challenges of implementing BIM in such projects. Following this, the paper analyzes how these challenges influence users' acceptance and intention to use BIM technology, especially in the context of project complexity, team collaboration, and budget constraints. Finally, the paper proposes a series of strategic recommendations aimed at enhancing the continued application of BIM in road and bridge engineering through improved training, process optimization, and strengthened team collaboration. Through in-depth analysis, this study not only offers a new perspective on the application of BIM technology in road and bridge engineering but also provides practical guidance for improving the willingness of professionals in the field to use BIM technology.

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