Analysis on the Causes and Countermeasures of Network Security Threats in the Era of Big Data

Chao Song


In the context of the information age, computer network technology continues to innovate and plays an increasingly prominent role in social production and life, but correspondingly, it also brings a series of security risks. Due to the openness of the Internet, information exchange and communication in cyberspace may lead to cyber crime, resulting in leakage and damage of important data and information. Big data is a product born in response to the explosive growth of network data scale, and it is particularly crucial to do a good job in computer network protection under big data, which is highly valued by all sectors of society. Therefore, grasping the characteristics of the big data era in the new era, promoting innovation and upgrading of computer network security protection technology, has profound significance for ensuring user information security and social harmony and stable development. Big data is a new stage in the development of information technology, and it is also a new situation in the development of information technology. Based on information technology, it mainly involves data and data processing. The era of big data has greatly changed the living, learning, and working conditions of modern society. The research object of this paper is the network security threat in the era of big data. By analyzing the cases of network security threats in the era of big data, this paper puts forward strategies and suggestions to solve the problems based on big data theory and technology.

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