Computer Network Virus and Computer Network Security Prevention

Sifei Chen


With the rapid development of information technology, network security management is becoming increasingly complex, especially, from the point of view of data security, the protection of data should be strengthened, now, the popularity of computers and smart phones will bring a large amount of information, which is inextricably linked with our property and personal privacy, in the human society, with the continuous development of intelligent technology, people's personal information and property protection are also paying more and more attention. Therefore, in order to achieve the purpose of network security and preventing information leakage, it is necessary to analyze and categorize all kinds of data and build a unified management platform on this basis. In recent years, the development of China's computer technology has been more and more attention, especially with the rapid development of big data, data storage, processing capacity, security and other aspects of the rapid development of all walks of life has brought great economic benefits, and the development of social productivity has played a huge role in promoting, but also brought a huge security risks, but the combination of big data technology and computer network security is a good technology, and its advantages are fully reflected in daily life.

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