Application of Building Intelligent Design in Energy Saving and Sustainable Development

Jiarui Luo


With the rapid development of social and economic development, people's living standards to a certain extent has been continuously improved, building energy consumption further shows a trend of sustained growth, the apparent contradiction in the supply of energy resources in our country further aggravated. In order to the sustainable development of mankind, we must effectively reduce the energy consumption, and further implement the building energy conservation measures into practice. To a certain extent, effective control of building energy consumption, and further alleviate the contradiction between China's energy supply and economic and social development. Let building energy-saving design in China's energy saving and emission reduction to make the necessary contribution. China is a populous country, per capita resources are poor, people's overall average standard of living is low. With the deepening of China's reform and opening up, the Chinese people are gradually getting richer and richer, the Chinese people began to continuously improve their material life, especially the living environment, so China's construction business is also rapidly developing, with the increase of a large number of new buildings, the building energy consumption is growing rapidly. However, China's large population, the energy situation is not optimistic, reduce building energy consumption is the implementation of the scientific concept of development, to achieve sustainable development of the major strategic initiatives.

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