Reduced Chemical Kinetic Models of DME Based on Variance Filtering Method

Xiaoqiao Xia


Based on the variance value of each species concentration during the combustion process, a new chemical mechanism reduction method is proposed. The data sets which are the molar concentration of each species are generated based on numerical results of zero-dimensional homogeneous ignition process using detailed chemical kinetic mechanisms under various operating conditions. By calculating and analyzing the variance value of each species concentration during the combustion process to determine the contribution of each species to the combustion process, and by selecting a suitable threshold value to determine whether the species and elementary reactions are removed or not. The skeletal mechanisms of DME generated by using the present VFM method are compared to those generated by the path flux analysis (PFA) method and the detailed mechanism. The comparisons of the temperature and the concentration of important species showed that with either the same or significantly smaller number of species, the skeletal mechanisms generated by the present VFM method are more accurate than that of PFA in a broad range of initial pressures, temperatures and equivalence ratios. In addition, the reduction speed of VFM is one orders of magnitude faster than that of PFA.

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