Inter-well Connectivity Mapping System Based on Production Dynamic Data

Yiru Gao, Jingyi Ma, Shuyi Qian, Siyu Tian, Yibei Wu


In the process of oilfield development, interwell connectivity is an important index for reservoir evaluation, but after most of the oilfields enter into the medium-high water content development stage, the evaluation of interwell connectivity becomes the key to improve the efficiency of injection and recovery development. In order to solve the problems of time-consuming and costly of the traditional dynamic connectivity research methods, a water-driven injection and recovery inter-well connectivity calculation model was established through the study of Liu76-60 well group. In the process of the study, the inter-well model was established by processing the data of the well group, and the inter-well connectivity between injection and extraction wells was calculated on the basis of this model, and the calculated results were verified by multivariate linear regression equations. The final results show that the model established in the study is more accurate in evaluating the inter-well connectivity, and the comparison can be confirmed to be consistent with the results of the production dynamics, so the model can be used to evaluate the inter-well connectivity, which has a positive effect on the effective improvement of the efficiency of injection and recovery development in the reservoir.

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