Generic Competencies and Specific Competencies among Teacher Education Institutions in Indonesia

Dinn Wahyudin, Ahman -, Yulia Rahmawati, Arnidah -


The aim of this paper is to discuss and clarify the general framework of teachers’ competencies, especially on generic and specific competencies that shall be mastered by prospective TEIs in Indonesia. This study presents some empirical base data from selected Teacher Education Institutions (TEIs) in Indonesia concerning with generic competencies and specific competencies that shall be achieved by prospective teachers. In addition, the purpose of study also to have relationship between competencies and teaching philosophies implemented by individual lectures. Descriptive research is one in which information is collected without changing the environment/setting of study. Instruments used were questioners, interview, focus group discussion, and documentation study. Result shows that generic and specific competencies will be influenced by individual teaching philosophies of lecturers. They are strongly influenced and inspired by institutional teaching philosophy. Teaching philosophy is obviously translated in daily teaching learning activities in campus environment. Results also show that teacher competencies affect their values, behaviors, communication, aims and practices in school and also they support professional development and curricular studies. Thus, teachers’ competencies that will improve the teaching-learning process in school is of great importance.

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