Research on the Impact of Anime on the Mental Health of Adolescents

Wenbo Zuo


This paper aims to explore the impact of anime on the mental health of adolescents, analyzing both its positive and negative influences, as well as corresponding management and guidance strategies. Through an overview of the prevalence of anime in the lives of adolescents, the importance of adolescent mental health, and the potential impact mechanisms of anime on their mental health, the paper delves into how anime influences adolescent emotional expression, self-identity, creativity development, and social relationships. At the same time, it also analyzes the negative impacts that anime may bring, such as violence, pornography, social isolation, with factors including the characteristics of anime content, individual characteristics of adolescents, and family environment. Building upon this, the paper puts forward the responsibilities and strategies for parents, educators, government, and adolescents themselves in management and guidance. Finally, by comprehensively evaluating the impact of anime on adolescent mental health, future research directions and policy recommendations are discussed, providing theoretical support and practical guidance for promoting healthy adolescent development.

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