An Adaptive Robust Control Method for Chaotic State of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor

Wei Zhang, Lingyan Chang


In this paper, a chaotic control method based on adaptive robust controller is proposed to solve the chaos phenomenon of the permanent magnet synchronous motor system by mathematically analyzing the dynamic model of the permanent magnet synchronous motor system to eliminate or suppress chaos in the permanent magnet synchronous motors. This method also takes into account the parameter uncertainties (structural uncertainties) of the system and the external load torque interference (unstructured uncertainty).The former is compensated by adaptive control, and the latter by robust term. Feedforward elimination technology can integrate them together, and effectively reduce the influence of chaos on system performance and realize the high precision position tracking of the permanent magnet synchronous motor system. The Lyapunov method is used to prove the stability of the controller. The simulation results show that the method is better in robustness and control precision.

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