Proposal of a Novel Diagnostic Device for COVID-19

Saeed Beygzadeh, Vahid Beygzadeh, Zahra Beygzadeh


Currently two types of tests are available for COVID-19 (diagnostic tests and antibody blood tests). In this study, we propose a new biosensor based COVID-19 diagnostic device, which can decrease the COVID-19 outbreak in the world. The proposed device offers powerful capabilities to screen for the COVID-19 disease with unprecedented sensitivity that makes detection possible at some of the earliest instances of exposure or infection (before the individual is showing symptoms of the disease) in a patient’s exhaled breath, sneeze sample, cough sample, mucus sample and nasal discharge sample. This device consists of bioreceptor, transducer, detector and data processor and it can detect COVID-19 biomarkers from the collected samples in less than one hour. Furthermore, it is a favorable device which has several benefits including fast detection capability, better reproducibility compared to other methods, easier use and high reliability, and it can be designed without negative effect in the clinical analysis.

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