Development of an Interactive Platform for Traditional Handicrafts and Creative Works Based on WeChat Mini Programs

Yuan Wang, Mingzhu Zhang, Lin Mi, Miaomiao Chen, Jiaxin Liu


With the continuous improvement of modern living standards and the rapid development of science and technology, crafts produced by industrial mechanization have gradually replaced traditional handicrafts. In order to expand the dissemination range of traditional handicrafts, arouse people's enthusiasm for handmade art and promote traditional culture, this paper takes advantage of the operation convenience, recommendation personalization and informatization of WeChat applet to design and develop a green and healthy trading platform for traditional handicraftsmen, people who like to transform unused items into handicrafts or users who like all kinds of handicrafts. --Traditional Handicrafts and Creative Works Interactive Platform. This platform not only provides a trading platform for consumers, but also greatly promotes the development of handicraft products, and plays a positive role in the publicity and promotion of traditional handicrafts and creative works.

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