Research on the Application of Data Encryption Technology in Computer Network Communication Security

Hongzhi Huang


With the rapid development of information technology, computer network communication has been widely used in various fields. However, the security issues of network communication have become increasingly prominent, and data is vulnerable to various attacks during transmission. Data encryption technology is a key technology for protecting information security. By converting plaintext information into non-mandatory ciphertext, the confidentiality and non-threatening nature of data are protected. This paper first introduces the basic principles and classification of data encryption technology, including real-time encryption, real-time encryption and hybrid encryption. It mainly analyzes the specific applications of data encryption technology in virtual private networks (VPNs), secure gateway security layers (SSL)/transport layer security (TLS), wireless network security, email encryption and cloud storage encryption. Finally, the development trends of emerging technologies such as quantum encryption, homomorphic encryption and blockchain encryption are discussed. By reasonably applying these encryption technologies, the security of computer network communication can be effectively improved.

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