Psychology of Astronauts and a Metamemetic Approach Using Citizen Science

Monique Cardinal


Regarding studies that prepare astronauts for space missions, psychologists have assessed candidates’ qualifications. The following proposal is to collect astronaut diaries and look for trends in management skills for future astronauts in psychologically draining and risky situations. In the long term, approaches can be made and/or applied to prepare them for future space missions. This includes acknowledging the relationships individuals have to uncertainty, including productivity and sustaining cognitive aloneness (intended as a cognitive skill capable of limiting the interference of external thoughts and psychologies). Points of the proposed methodology include multilogical thinking skills, first principles thinking, trained attentiveness, and critical thinking as it pertains to communication, organization, self-regulation, and allowing people the time and silence needed to properly respond. Lastly, individuals should separate the interference of thoughts as a result of psychological conditioning (including biases) from applied critical thinking.

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