Impact of Decadence of Education on the National Security and Sustainable Governance in Nigeria

Emmanuel Adelekan Ojewunmi


This paper investigates the causes for the decadence and continuous decline of education and its impact on the national security and sustainable governance in Nigeria. The paper with the use of descriptive design along with the secondary data collection, analyses the various negative ways the continuous and incessant closure of the public educational institutions in Nigeria can have on the national security and sustainable democratic governance in Nigeria state. The finding of this paper is that the government has not done enough to arrest the situation, and that the country is therefore heading toward total disintegration. The paper also believes that the inadequate budgeting for the educational sector has contributed greatly to the inefficiency of Nigeria’s educational institutions at all levels. The paper therefore recommends that the governments should revisit their budget provisions by voting more funds for this important sector and as a matter of urgency, the government at the central levels should speedily resolve the ongoing strike of public university staff, while those closed institutions since February 2022 be opened within a shortest period in order to return the students back to their schools.

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