On the Unification of the Precession of the Foucault Pendulum, the Earth’s “Precession” and the Mercury Precession by Constructing the Vortex Gravitational Mechanism

Yuan Lixin


Gravitation is generated between static objects, while vortex gravity is generated between moving objects. Forming the integrity and completeness of gravity theory, these complement each other. The vortex gravity mechanism of moving objects is established to solve the objective problem of vortex gravity. The precession of Foucault’s pendulum, the precession of the Earth and the precession of Mercury are objective phenomena, for which there are many different explanations. The author suggests, only by the mechanism of vortex gravity can reveal their operation law and unity of operation. Through the analysis and calculation in this paper, the precession value of mercury produced by vortex gravity is 5025.6", which is different from the observed value 5600", the deviation is -10.26%. which also proves the rationality and effectiveness of establishing the mechanism of vortex gravity. Therefore, the explanation that Mercury precession is caused by planets such as earth is fetched and unreasonable. The establishment of vortex gravitation mechanism can generally solve the kinematic problems of vortex gravitation caused by the motion of objects in physics, geophysics and astronomy. Furthermore, the problem about the determination of the vortex gravitational field strength Bg and the vortex gravitational constant kg in the solar system is put forward. Vortex gravity is the attraction between moving objects, The construction of vortex gravity theory is construction of the basic theory.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22158/asir.v6n4p21


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