Research and Practice of Blended Teaching Mode Based on Network Teaching Platform—Taking Engine Principles as an Example

Lin Xiaodan, Zhang Bin, Ma Shaohui


With the development of Internet information technology, a new educational model of “Internet + education” has emerged[1],It has promoted the reform of the university teaching classroom, and the hybrid teaching mode based on the online teaching platform will also enter the university classroom. In this paper, taking the engine principle course as an example, combines the school situation, teaching situation and learning situation of our school, and builds a hybrid teaching mode based on the online teaching platform. The construction and implementation of blended teaching mode are completed through the analysis of teaching content, teaching environment, teaching situation and teaching evaluation. It breaks the traditional teaching mode of teacher’s one-man show, realizes the dominant role of students and the leading role of teachers, stimulates students’ interest in learning, improves their independent learning ability, and ensures the quality of teaching.

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