Preparation of Material for Adsorption Ag(I) in the Solution

Liwei Gao, Wenxiang Luo, Yikun Zhang, Hanfang Shen, Chunyan Lang


The application of silver in electronics, jewelry, catalytic and other industries often produces a large amount of silver-containing wastewater, which causes serious impact to the surrounding environment and human health, while silver has a certain economic value attached to it. Therefore, how to effectively treat and recover Ag(?) from the silver-containing wastewater is a hot topic of concern at present. In order to seek an efficient and environmentally friendly adsorbent, this paper compared the adsorption efficiency of purified, thermally modified, acid modified and thermally-acid modified Bentonite on silver, selected an economical and reasonable purified clay as a carrier, and then completed the preparation of modified Bentonite as well as the optimization of conditions with sodium silicate as a surfactant and 3-mercaptopropyltrimethoxysilane as a modifier. The experiments showed that under the conditions of sodium silicate dosage of 15% of Bentonite, Bentonite and modifier dosage of 1:1, solution pH of 9, temperature of 45 °C and modification time of 5 h, the synthesized sulfhydryl modified Bentonite has good adsorption performance on Ag(?), and its adsorption capacity can reach 293.7 mg·g-1.

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