Preparation of Attapulgite Loaded Nano Zero Valent Iron Material and Its Adsorption of Silver

Leilei Bao, Hanfang Shen, Jiale Cheng, Chunyan Lang


In the extensive industrial production process, a large amount of silver containing wastewater has been produced, and the veil of its potential harm has gradually been unveiled. The emission standards of various pollutants formulated and issued by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment of China have already strictly limited the emission limits of silver. In this paper, a simple, environment-friendly and inexpensive method was used to synthesize a composite material with reducing and adsorbing effects on silver by using purified attapulgite and ferrous salt (FeSO4·7H2O) as raw materials, potassium borohydride (KBH4) as reducing agent, and chemical liquid phase reduction method. The experimental results showed that under the conditions of 1:1 ratio of iron to soil, 0.25 mol·L-1 concentration of KBH4, 25 C temperature and 120 min time, the synthesized attapulgite loaded nano-zero-valent iron composite (nZVI/ATP) had good adsorption performance for Ag(I).

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