The Effectiveness of Chants and Short Stories on Primary Stage Pupils’ Communication

Mahmoud Kamal Ibrahim Mostafa


The aim of the study is to investigate the effectiveness of using chants and short stories in developing the third primary graders’ English communicative skills in Damietta governmental schools. In order to answer the questions of the study, the researcher adopted the quasi-experimental approach. The sample of the study consisted of 50 pupils from Dr Ahmed Zwail primary school in New Damietta city. The chants/songs and short stories were used with the study group in the second term of the academic school year (2014-2015). An oral communication test of six questions with 30 items was designed to be used as a pre-post test. The study indicated that there are statistically significant differences in mean scores of communicative skills test in favor of the post application. It also showed that there were statistically significant differences in mean scores of each of the communication skills in favor of the post application. In light of these results, the study recommended the necessity of using children chants/songs and short stories in teaching and learning. It also suggested that further researches should be conducted on the effect of songs and stories on the four skills of English language.

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