Eroticism in Ayu Utami’s Novels “Saman” and “Larung” and its Implications for Literature Learning in High School

Ratu Wardarita, Erwant o


This study aims to describe the depiction of female eroticism, the idea of feminism in Saman and Larung novels written by AyuUtami, and its implications for learning literature in high school. The method used in this research is a descriptive method utilizing qualitative analysis. The data source in this research is Saman and Larung novels written by AyuUtami. Data analysis utilized work analysis technique. Based research result, the types of eroticism include metabolic erotica, biological erotica, metabolic/biological erotica, whereas the expression of erotism includes the mention of genitals, descriptions of sexual scenes, descriptions of sexual intercourse scenes, descriptions of sexual misconduct, descriptions of sensual body parts. The idea of feminism is rebellion against the rules, customs, and norms of society, the movement that always opposes unjust rulers, representating women aiming for freedom, against the patriarchy on women, the struggle for equality and rights between men and women, the struggle against differences the sex system, and the struggle to resist discrimination and cultural values that undermine women. Based research result and its the relevance of core competence and basic competence in the curriculum of 2013, these novels are not relevant to be used as a literary teaching material in schools, but in terms of feminism, ideas can add literature value in high school.

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