Ambient Air Quality Assessment in the Grand Casablanca Area (Morocco): Impact of Road Traffic Emissions for the 2013-2016 Period

Manal Inchaouh, Kenza Khomsi, Pr. Mohamed Tahiri


Air Pollution is a serious hazard worldwide especially in urban areas. Road traffic is the main cause of pollution in agglomerations that are confronted to an excess of pollutants due to traffic intensity and the dominance of diesel cars. This paper presents the assessment of road traffic pollution in the Grand Casablanca area. Data used are the result of simultaneous measurements at thirteen sites located in the Grand Casablanca. Available data cover 4 years period (2013-2016). Traffic-related air pollutants are reviewed in order to assess their impact on the local air quality. It include nitrogen dioxide (NO2), particulate matter (PM10), carbon monoxide (CO) and Benzene (C6H6). Annual evolutions are presented and compared to national air quality standards; NO2 annual trends are also evaluated. The [NO]/[NO2] emissions ratio calculation allows then to characterize the measurement sites against road traffic. The paper focuses on determining the contribution of road traffic emissions on air quality modifying; we found spatial variability in traffic pollutants. The results pointed out that road traffic and conditions are the main causes of air pollution in the area and the analysis provide a quick view of the relatively critical areas that need more action to reduce this pollution.

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