Apply Information System of Maritime Energy for Improving Performance in Taiwan’s Coast Guard

Chi-Tong Lin, C. W. Chen, C. Y. J. Chen


Taiwan is not a member of the International Maritime Organization country, and the domestic business is also a multi-horse carriage. There is no integration and a single government department is responsible. Therefore, it is relatively difficult to check the relevant statistical inquiries, and the definition objects are also different. The information must be subject to the announcement of the International Maritime Organization. However, the data may be subject to statistical errors due to the construction of errors and omissions. The motivation of this paper is to roughly guess Coast Guard’s information system and maritime energy to discuss how to improve the work performance. Materials use and cost estimates are resolved for both developmental and implementation activities. In addition, enhanced services costs are resolved to with total and average costs of standard EAP services. These findings provide point of reference cost estimates for other EAPs that may be considering offering enhanced services.

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