Multi-Phase Manganese Mineralization in the Noamundi Synclinorium, East Indian Shield

D. Chakraborty, T. K. Baidya


Manganese mineralization associated with phyllites in and around Joda, Odisha belongs to the Iron Ore Group of Noamundi basin and is a part of Jamda-Koira belt of East Indian Shield. The present study area comprises low to medium grade tectonites containing economic resources of both iron and manganese. Present study is concentrated on Manganese mineralization. Field study and petro-mineralogical observations reveal syngenetic character of manganese ores comprising lowT higher oxides viz. pyrolusite, cryptomelane, manganite as major Mn-minerals along with highT lower oxides viz. jacobsite, bixbyite, braunite and hausmannite as minor Mn-minerals. The Mn-ore bodies and associated phyllites have undergone multiple phases of deformation and metamorphism followed by hydrothermal and supergene processes. Four deformational phases have been deciphered during field study. Geochemical analyses of ores and phyllitic host rocks show high values of Al2O3, TiO2, Ba, Co, Ni, Cr, Cu, Sc, V, As, Zn but depletion of Sr, Yb, Sm, Nb. Geochemical data infer ores to be a recycling product originally derived from a mafic crustal source of tholeiitic character. Age data obtained from Sm-Nd ratio of two rock samples are 3.46 Ga and 2.79 Ga. Present work provides a critical assessment on the multiphase mineralization of manganese ores.

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