A Cheap New Geological Dating Method Developed from Ancient Shells Study

Chen Guiqing, Chen Junhao


The vast majority of researchers on ancient shells are biologists, who are not familiar with X-ray diffractometers, etc. We are physical chemists who use X-ray diffraction to observe the changes in the crystal structure of ancient shells? Then use WDX electron probe to observe the changes in the microstructure of ancient shells. After discovering shells for a long time, calcite turned into aragonite, overturning the conclusion recorded in geological crystallographic books that aragonite’s structure and physical properties were unstable and would eventually transform into calcite. Unexpectedly discovered that the “Shuang chen Weathering Cave CC” of ancient shells has changed over time, it can be used as a new method for geological dating.

The use of carbon 14 (C14) isotope geological dating method is quite expensive and lacks accuracy, causing many jokes. The “Shuang chen Weathering Cave CC” of ancient shells may be used as a new geological dating method, and it is quite cheap!

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22158/ees.v7n1p1


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