Cultural Inheritance and Innovation—Taking the Heilongjiang Garden Design of the Garden Expo as an Example

Yanxue Li, Dawei Xu, Shu Zhu, Xiang Zhuang Meng, Jiefu Song


With the rapid development of social science and technology civilization, and the acceleration of urbanization, the requirements of urban landscape planning and design are also paying more and more attention to the design concept of “adopting measures to local conditions and putting people first”. Therefore, the inheritance and innovation of urban landscape planning and design based on the culture that can represent local characteristics is a respect for and inheritance of traditional regional culture, the integration of traditional culture and the culture of the new era, and the inevitable trend of modern landscape planning and development. This essay uses the Heilongjiang Garden Engineering Design Project of the Garden Expo as a case to carry out the regional landscape planning and design, inheriting the regional characteristics, and proposing the design concept of “nature and culture growing on black soil”, integrating the characteristics of white mountains and black water into the garden, and seeing the big from the small Interpret the characteristic landscape impression of Heilongjiang and provide a reference for the design of the exhibition garden project in the future.

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