Comparison of Biogas Concentrations in Various Environmental Conditions and Determination of the Optimal Period of Its Production at Environment Temperature

Edmond Demollari, Etleva Jojic, Enkeleda Sallaku, Valdete Vorpsi, Erta Dodona, Olsid Mema


Albania, as a part of Western Balkan, has a variety of climate systems. This type of climate has a closed connection with waste treatment process. The biogas volume produced by the experimental environmental was 0.6 m3. The maximum methane concentration in biogas was reached at 55.8%/volume. The enclosed area (in oval circle) is another indicator of this system. This area extends over the period from 14.08.2018 until 26.08.2018 (12 days). The biomethane maximum biogas concentration reached 53.5 %/vol. up to 55.8% vol. The concentration drop was 4.2 %/vol. The main factor was the temperature. In the period of maximum durability the temperatures were minimum 30°C and maximum 42°C. Another contributing factor was the inoculum. Since inoculum was made from the treatment of four types of waste of different nature, then the concentration of microorganisms was higher. The purpose of the comparison between the two experiments is the sustainability of biogas production as well as the biomethane concentration biogas concentration on waste treatment. Environmental temperature was studied in three different regions of Albania: Shkodra, Tirana and Vlora. The observations showed that the region of Vlora has the longest period of average daily temperature (June 14th to October 1st).

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