Diagnostics of the Life Deficiency of Life of the Population of Ukraine

E. B. Boichenko, N. O. Vasilchuk


The article is devoted to the determination of the lifespan deficiency of the population of Ukraine. The diagnostics is carried out on the basis of generalization of studies by domestic and foreign scientists in the context of lifespan. Calculations were made on the basis of official data of the State Statistics of Ukraine and the World Health Organization. In the article, by the lifespan deficiency of the population, it is suggested to mean actual shortage of a certain period of lifespan that has resulted from death coming from external and/or internal causes that prevent a person from living to the limits of his/her biological capabilities. The diagnostics is based on the methodology for constructing mortality tables of average expected lifespan for one year and five years old age groups. The results of the diagnostics made it possible to find that the real lifespan deficiency in Ukraine is 12.4 years. In addition, it was determined that the potential lifespan deficiency of the Ukrainians from so-called diseases of behavior is 2.47 years. It was substantiated that, in the context of overcoming mortality from such diseases as AIDS, active tuberculosis, alcoholism, and drug addiction by adjusting the behavior of the population in society, lifespan can increase by almost three years.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22158/elp.v1n2p170


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